Bringing The Nation's Best BBQ

Friends and Family

One of the best things about traveling the country selling barbecue, are the thousands of friends we meet along the way.  Maybe they come back year after year to buy BBQ, or maybe they have been brave enough to help Desperado's sell BBQ to the masses in their town.  We appreciate all of them!

We build friendships and family love with other BBQ owners.  As ribbers, we help each other on aa daily basis when needed.  We share each others successes and problems.  We become closer than some family members and look forward to seeing each other at each event.

We have fed many of the entertainers who request great barbecue before or after performing.

Also, in competing in the events across the country, we have built great friendships with the promoters as well.

Included in the slide show, are many of these people who have crossed our paths.